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October 27, 2019

What to avoid when running a Facebook contest

Most likely you may have come across Facebook contests at least onnce in the past. Most times you see simple Instructions such as “Like to win” or “share to win”. These contests come with amazing giveaways and many big businesses and brands also make use of them. Still, many people wonder, are these people breaking the rules or going against Facebook’s policy? Many people think about this question because they are slightly thrown back by the popular facebook policy which shows that anyone who uses Facebook for a promotion which includes contests are responsible solely for the lawful use of the promotion.

This guide is designed to provide you with adequate information about Facebook policies and what you should know before you jump into hosting a like-and-share contest. 

How like contests go against Facebook’s policy

Facebook developer site mentions without mincing words that you do not have the right to incentivize people into following your social media account or to like your page. The use of offering rewards to the public or granting more app content once the person likes the page are all covered by a simple and straightforward policy.

This does not mean that you cannot tell friends or individuals on social media to like your page, it only means that you do not offer rewards for this action but rather you can motivate people to like your page or follow the page so that they do not miss out on the winner of the contest.  That sounds so much better. No one is coerced or bribed to follow you because of the gains the contests offer.

How share contests go against Facebook’s policy

Simply put this is also a No. Facebook page terms also help users to see clearly that they should not use their timelines or the connections of their friends to run their contests. Honestly though, asking people who are your friends or who follow you to share a competition you posted so that they can get entry make no sense.  Due to the good number of scandals around, people have moved to private profiles so you cannot even know for certain how many people have shared your contests. This does not mean that you cannot tell people or friends to share your contest or posts. This only means that you cannot tell people to share your contests or posts for the sake of competition or to get an entry. 

So now that you are aware of what not to do when posting a contest so that you do not go against Facebook policy. Here are some ideas which may be of better benefit to you?

  • Motivate people to comment on your contest questions or quiz without tagging anyone. Their comments alone could even make your contests show up on their friend's news feeds. You could also make it possible for people who comment on your questions to stand a chance to win.
  • Provide clear information as regards the contest stating clearly when the winner will be decided and also how the participants stand a chance of winning. You should also state clearly how the winner will be notified if they win.  All of this information provides transparency and motivates people and drive the competition.
  • Make sure your content for the competition or entities from the participants are free from plagiarism and you have permission to use such quotes or pictures. 
  • It is also important to make it clear that your contest is independent and not in partnership with Facebook

From this guide, it is clear that like and shared contests go against Facebook policies and you have seen some important tips to make good use of.  If you need  some help running a Facebook contest, feel free to reach out!

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