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September 30, 2019

GT Metrix Scores

GTMetrix provides a performance report using scores and highlights key areas that be optimized or worked on for better scores or user experience. Meanwhile, here is the significance or the importance of having a good score on GTMetrix.

Better Performance

GTMetrix measures the performance of a website against the average PageSpeed and average YSlow. The higher the score, the better the performance of a website. Details about the factors responsible for the score are provided- average fully loaded time, an average number of request, and average total page size. A website is evaluated against the parameters mentioned.

A website is performing excellently if its average PageSpeed score is 74% and above, and the average YSlow score is 71% and above. A site with lower performance needs to be optimized.

Good User Experience

A good score on GTMetrix is an indication that a website has a good first impression on its visitors and engages them appropriately. Website speed is crucial to making website visitors stay on a site. When a website scores high on GTMetrix, it means that it loads fast, and it is responsive and reliable. Besides, the website will brew trust and confidence in its users due to efficiency that is relative to its speed.

Also, a site that loads fast offers an enhanced user experience by making visitors happy and engaging them, which is essential for conversion.

Ranking in the Search Engine

GTMetrix score can indicate your ranking in the search engines. It should be mentioned that website speed affects how a site will be ranked in the search engine. In the ranking algorithms, speed is an important factor. There is a connection between load speed and search ranking; consequently, a good score, undoubtedly, will have an impact on the ranking of a website.

If your website has a low score, ensure to optimize it following the tips or suggestions provided by gtmetrix.com to improve the score. You can also contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

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